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"Standard" plan

Contains all of our most advanced technology to protect the game server from bot programs, completely protects the server from using all known packet hacks and other common cheats. Ideal for game servers aimed at a large gaming audience and projects needing the maximum degree of protection.

SmartGuard "Sandbox"

This is a fundamentally new level of protection for your server. Technology has no analogues in the market! Completely stops all other software from interfering with your game client at run-time.
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Real-time player analysis

A unique system that analyzes the actions your players take in game in real time in order to identify the facts of using prohibited programs. Bots will get detected by their behavior patterns!
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Bulletproof protection

Reliable support, regular updates
and flexible pay

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Billed every 6 months

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Best protection at the best price!

Strong Encryption

Data exchange between the gaming client and the server is reliably protected from data spoofing. Does not affect ping in the game and does not create extra load.

Say "No" to clicker-bots!

Our own specially designed InputFilter and AntiClick technoligies we will not allow the use of special macros, clicker-programms and other similar tools for automating the game process.

Automatic Updates

Manual updating of the game client's files is in the past! SmartGuard updates its automatically when the player enters the game.

Play by your own rules

Unlike others, we do not limit your opportunities. Use the domain name as the address of your login server, and change it at any convenient time for free!

Analytics tools

Especially for you, we collect a lot of information about the game world, allowing you to analyze the changes in the game audience to better understand the needs of your players.

Professional support

Our technical support specialists have many years of experience in protecting game worlds agains threats, and are ready to help you with almost any issue you might face.

Expanding borders

New features of the game client will make the game on your server even more comfortable and interesting.