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CDN extension in Asia and South America

To automatically download update files, since 2014 SmartGuard uses the so-called CDN (Content Delivery Netowrk) to speed up downloading of files for users around the world. We tried many decent commercial solutions in this area, and in 2017 started building our own CDN, which will meet our own requirements in this area.

Our CDN automatically determines the geographic location of the player and uses the most optimal access point for his region and ISP to our services.

Today, in connection with the increased flow of players from the Asian and South American regions, to ensure the quality and stability of our services, our specialists have connected new update access points in Miami (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), Seoul (South Korea) and Singapore. This will allow players from these and neighboring countries to receive updates to the protection modules at high speed and with less delay.

Yours faithfully,
The SmartGuard team.