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Real-time player analysis

The problem with all modern anti-cheats is that they are always catching up - adding a new cheat or bot to the list of forbidden programs always implies a preliminary study of this program, and this can take quite some time, given that many bots are being sold in a "private" mode. In the new SmartGuard, we tried to approach this problem with all responsibility.

Modern technologies do not stand still, literally every day in the news we hear about new advances in the field of Information Technology. The use of advanced technologies can be one of the solutions for such a difficult task.

The joint work of our developers, and specialists in the field of artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis made it possible to develop an extremely effective tool for finding dishonest players. If you describe the essence of the system in one sentence: "The principle of this system is simple enough - it looks for features of the behavior of bots in the game that distinguish them from ordinary players." Sounds easy, does not it? However, this task is not so simple as it seems at first glance, to achieve acceptable results and to exclude the possibility of false triggering, it is necessary to take into account and carefully weigh tens of factors.

Our algorithm trains itself on the features of your server and the individual behaviors of each of your players. Thus, it will independently adapt to the constantly changing situation.

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